A Proven Peptides Review Where We Went Undercover To Examine This Company To The Core

is proven peptides legit

We like to think of ourselves as professional reviewers and that’s what we are essential. That being a given, we go as far as to conceal our true identities when it comes to reviewing vendors because some of them try to be sneaky when you approach them as someone that does reviews for a living. They give you the best service, trying to please you just to get a good review out of you. Not with us, because we’re quite experienced when it comes to such shenanigans, we avoided that hassle by simply going undercover and ordering under aliases.

What did this company have in store for us and how did it fare when it came to legitimacy? You’ll have to read this Proven Peptides review to find out!

Proven Peptides Review

The first thing we did was gather all the available information about this company, compiling it into this one section.

First things first, this shop has been in the game for years and they are quite known for their SARMs. They are stationed in the US and the company that does their lab testing is also from the US, which is a good sign.

When we first stumbled upon their website, the one thing that stood out was a phone number. You see, many companies only offer email correspondence and in rare cases, a live chat. Having a phone number shows customer care and professionalism in handling user satisfaction.

We did, of course, test the phone number and the results were quite pleasing: All of our questions were answered in a prompt manner.

The second thing that caught our eye was their website. It had quite a simplistic design, with all the SARMs being just two clicks away. You could also access their FAQ and contact sections in just one click, which was very convenient.

Next up, we noticed that they offer a money back guarantee for the full amount if you’re not satisfied with the product in question. It’s always nice to see a company care about their customers that much that they are ready to go as far as to give you a full refund.

Moreover, you get free shipping if you buy more than 75$ worth of product. That’s not a lot, we got to that amount by just buying two of their SARMs and our research has shown that the average consumer buys between two to three bottles of SARMs when they are purchasing. This essentially means that you get free shipping unless you’re a complete newbie that is just trying out their first SARM.

Proven Peptides stands out in one department when it comes to their SARMs and that’s the size of their bottles. They have them in 15, 30 and 60mls and if you buy the 60ml one, you get a discount. This is very good for newbies as they can buy the smallest option, not having to opt for a bigger flask that would only end up going to waste.

Now that we’ve opened the talk about discounts, they also have a great program where you can save a lot of money just by buying products with them. Those are called Peptide Points and each point is worth 10 cents. You can get them in two ways: The first one is to purchase something, let’s say for example you opt for their 60ml Ostarine which would cost you $80.00.

You would get 80 Peptide Points for that feat, meaning that for each dollar spent, you get one peptide point. This translates to 10% off on each additional purchase made in their shop. Later on, we’ll share an additional Proven Peptides coupon with you, which will give you even more of a discount.

The second way of earning points is to complete various tasks such as making an account, leaving reviews and interacting with their social media. You can collect up to 160 Peptide Points that way and it won’t take you much time to do so.

Now that we’ve gone through the framework of this company, we hear many of you asking yourself ‘Are Proven Peptides legit?’. We got your calls and are ready to answer that question in the next section of this article.

Proven peptides

Are Proven Peptides Legit or Are They Fake?

The question ‘Is Proven Peptides legit?’ pops up in many forums and online communities. From what we have gathered, the opinions are mixed. We believe that some of those bashing Proven Peptides are just unscrupulous competitors that want a share of the cake.

To answer the question stated in the article, we went undercover, each time ordering different packages to test all the possible combinations one can make. We used multiple accounts for that purpose so that it can’t be tracked down to us.

Our results are conclusive: Proven Peptides is a legit company.

The packages arrived every time, they had lab results attached to them (you have to ask for them before ordering) and the contents were just amazing – Every SARM we ordered boasted a purity rate between 98 to 100%.

To conclude, Proven Peptides are absolutely legit and it was quite a delight dealing with them. We were never disappointed with the company and even if there were a problem hypothetically speaking, we had the money back guarantee to cover us.

proven peptides review

Proven Peptides Coupon

We promised a working Proven Peptides coupon in the previous section and now we’re delivering.

Use the coupon code: Pal7.5thx for 7,5% off on your next order. Combine this with a few Peptide Points and you’ll get your SARMs at an extraordinary rate!

You can use the coupon as many times as you like and there’s no expiration date attached to it. Go as crazy as you wish!

All in all, Proven Peptides have proven themselves time and time again to be a company where the customer is king. We’ve worked with them for years and never had any issues and even if an issue does crop up, you still have the money-back guarantee to cover you.

Overall, a great shop to bring your business to as they cater to all of your whims and needs.