A Proven Peptides Review Where We Went Undercover To Examine This Company To The Core

is proven peptides legit

We like to think of ourselves as professional reviewers and that’s what we are essential. That being a given, we go as far as to conceal our true identities when it comes to reviewing vendors because some of them try to be sneaky when you approach them as someone that does reviews for a living. They give you the best service, trying to please you just to get a good review out of you. Not with us, because we’re quite experienced when it comes to such shenanigans, we avoided that hassle by simply going undercover and ordering under aliases.

What did this company have in store for us and how did it fare when it came to legitimacy? You’ll have to read this Proven Peptides review to find out!

Proven Peptides Review

The first thing we did was gather all the available information about this company, compiling it into this one section.

First things first, this shop has been in the game for years and they are quite known for their SARMs. They are stationed in the US and the company that does their lab testing is also from the US, which is a good sign.

When we first stumbled upon their website, the one thing that stood out was a phone number. You see, many companies only offer email correspondence and in rare cases, a live chat. Having a phone number shows customer care and professionalism in handling user satisfaction.

We did, of course, test the phone number and the results were quite pleasing: All of our questions were answered in a prompt manner.

The second thing that caught our eye was their website. It had quite a simplistic design, with all the SARMs being just two clicks away. You could also access their FAQ and contact sections in just one click, which was very convenient.

Next up, we noticed that they offer a money back guarantee for the full amount if you’re not satisfied with the product in question. It’s always nice to see a company care about their customers that much that they are ready to go as far as to give you a full refund.

Moreover, you get free shipping if you buy more than 75$ worth of product. That’s not a lot, we got to that amount by just buying two of their SARMs and our research has shown that the average consumer buys between two to three bottles of SARMs when they are purchasing. This essentially means that you get free shipping unless you’re a complete newbie that is just trying out their first SARM.

Proven Peptides stands out in one department when it comes to their SARMs and that’s the size of their bottles. They have them in 15, 30 and 60mls and if you buy the 60ml one, you get a discount. This is very good for newbies as they can buy the smallest option, not having to opt for a bigger flask that would only end up going to waste.

Now that we’ve opened the talk about discounts, they also have a great program where you can save a lot of money just by buying products with them. Those are called Peptide Points and each point is worth 10 cents. You can get them in two ways: The first one is to purchase something, let’s say for example you opt for their 60ml Ostarine which would cost you $80.00.

You would get 80 Peptide Points for that feat, meaning that for each dollar spent, you get one peptide point. This translates to 10% off on each additional purchase made in their shop. Later on, we’ll share an additional Proven Peptides coupon with you, which will give you even more of a discount.

The second way of earning points is to complete various tasks such as making an account, leaving reviews and interacting with their social media. You can collect up to 160 Peptide Points that way and it won’t take you much time to do so.

Now that we’ve gone through the framework of this company, we hear many of you asking yourself ‘Are Proven Peptides legit?’. We got your calls and are ready to answer that question in the next section of this article.

Proven peptides

Are Proven Peptides Legit or Are They Fake?

The question ‘Is Proven Peptides legit?’ pops up in many forums and online communities. From what we have gathered, the opinions are mixed. We believe that some of those bashing Proven Peptides are just unscrupulous competitors that want a share of the cake.

To answer the question stated in the article, we went undercover, each time ordering different packages to test all the possible combinations one can make. We used multiple accounts for that purpose so that it can’t be tracked down to us.

Our results are conclusive: Proven Peptides is a legit company.

The packages arrived every time, they had lab results attached to them (you have to ask for them before ordering) and the contents were just amazing – Every SARM we ordered boasted a purity rate between 98 to 100%.

To conclude, Proven Peptides are absolutely legit and it was quite a delight dealing with them. We were never disappointed with the company and even if there were a problem hypothetically speaking, we had the money back guarantee to cover us.

proven peptides review

Proven Peptides Coupon

We promised a working Proven Peptides coupon in the previous section and now we’re delivering.

Use the coupon code: Pal7.5thx for 7,5% off on your next order. Combine this with a few Peptide Points and you’ll get your SARMs at an extraordinary rate!

You can use the coupon as many times as you like and there’s no expiration date attached to it. Go as crazy as you wish!

All in all, Proven Peptides have proven themselves time and time again to be a company where the customer is king. We’ve worked with them for years and never had any issues and even if an issue does crop up, you still have the money-back guarantee to cover you.

Overall, a great shop to bring your business to as they cater to all of your whims and needs.


Best SARMs Post Cycle Therapy

Best post cycle theraphy

When you use SARMs or steroids, you synthetically increase your size and strength, which can leave you with a lot of horrible side effects. But the real problem starts after completing a cycle. During the period, your body runs on control and ceases to produce hormones naturally. That’s the reason why you’ll need a Post Cycle Therapy.

PCT is an essential process that people often go through after doing a cycle of steroids. The main objective is to bring back their body back to its normal status so it can be able to produce hormones naturally again.

Once the cycle is over, you will start your post cycle therapy, which can last for up to 8 weeks. There is a wide range of drugs that you can use for PCT. However, there are two incredibly popular supplements, which we will explain later in this quick guide.

The Role of PCT – Post Cycle Therapy

The use of anabolic-androgen steroid comes with many undesirable side effects. Most often, you will notice them during the cycle or after the therapy is completed. By using PCT supplements, your body will not only be able to maintain your lean muscle mass and strength, but it’ll also help you to get back to optimal health.

After finishing the cycle, your body loses the external source of producing higher levels of testosterone. It can take two weeks and sometimes longer before your body realizes the reduction so that it can adjust its hormone production levels back to normal. For such reasons, PCT provides the body with the required compounds and nutrients to remain stable and active.

It is worth to mention that PCT helps to provide well-being and not only for your natural health, but also to accomplish the desired goals of the training.

Can you use SARMs after Steroid Cycle?

Compounds such as Trenbolone and Testosterone are known for increasing muscle mass quite fast, but they also come with a lot of nasty side effects. SARMs, although they also have some adverse side effects, they have a very different mechanism compared to steroids. This allows them to create muscle mass in the same way but without horrible side effects.

When you are on steroids, your body will always struggle to produce natural testosterone because its testosterone production levels are suppressed. As we’ve stated earlier, the vast majority of synthetic steroids out there are suppressive. They cause the testicles to contract and shrink in size, and to some extent, it can result in a knock-on impact.

When you are off steroids, your body may fail to produce any steroids at all, which is all a severe problem. It is a typical case with bodybuilders who run steroids without doing PCT, and they eventually end up ruining their natural test production. That means they have to depend on testosterone injections since their body cannot make the necessary hormones naturally.

There are several SARMs out there that mimic the anabolic effects of steroids. Due to that reason, some users even like to stack SARMs together with steroids. You will often find bodybuilders run Ligandrol and Testolone during their steroid routine. Beginners mainly use them during their first cycle because the combination is said to be more lenient to recover from.

PCt for SARMs

Do you need PCT after SARM cycle?

Post Cycle Therapy is always recommended after every cycle of potent supplements and SARMs are no exceptions.

Most people will claim that they don’t always need a PCT after SARMs cycle. But this is an entirely vague statement that can cause critical damages. It can lead to a significant drop in testosterone that generates a range of side-effects.

The question of whether you need a PCT after SARM cycle partly depends on your status as everyone has different psychology. Where some users might not suffer a drop in their testosterone levels, others could end up suffering badly. Everyone’s body has a unique mechanism that helps to inhibit the production of hormones in case there is overproduction.

The point apparent point behind anabolic steroids and the vast majority of SARMs is actually to overwork this mechanism. So you will be able to achieve rapid growth beyond what you can attain naturally.

The type of SARMs that you’re also using maters when deciding whether you need a PCT supplement. Plus whether you are stacking them, making the collective dose even higher.

Some people will argue that you will not need a PCT after using Ostarine. Most probably, you could be fine at 10 mg every day, even up to 25 mg daily you could still be fine. But a pitfall appears when some users advocate 30 mg or even more per day, and that could definitely trigger a decline in testosterone levels.

The best thing to do, if you want full control over this is to have Post Cycle Therapy after your cycle. It will help you to work out what estrogen and testosterone levels are potentially present in your body. That way, you’ll be able to know if you are going to use a PCT supplement.

The most suitable post cycle therapy, the one that could work correctly for you can be just a short passage or a mini PCT. But the essential point is that you’ll need at least some sort of it.

It is good to note that PCT is not really for milder SARMs. But for stronger ones like Testolone Rad-140 and YK 11, you’ll definitely need a post cycle therapy, even on average dose or even when you are not stacking.

Best PCT supplements:

When it comes down to PCT, there’re two supplements are nearly exclusively used by most of the bodybuilders, either individually or together with other stronger PCT stacks. These supplements are:

  • Tamoxifen, well known as Nolvadex
  • Clomiphene Citrate also called Clomid

Both of these supplements have been found with the ability to block the estrogen right at the beginning. Estrogen is responsible for Gyno, which suppresses the natural testosterone and it is far more than anti-anabolic, so to say. In other words, if you want to bulk up and maintain your fitness as a man, extensive levels of estrogen are exactly what you need to avoid.

After doing a steroid cycle, depending on what type of supplement you chose, you can expect the following results.

Best PCT For SARms: Clomid

Clomid is one of the two incredibly used PCT supplement. Being a synthetic type of estrogen, most users look at Clomid for Post Cycle Therapy. It has the following benefits:

  • It reduces the risk of Gyno (the growth of breast tissue in men).
  • It brings testosterone levels back to normal.
  • Much easier to use
  • Very minimal side effects

Some people claim Clomid is a steroid, but that is not even close to being true. The fact is that steroids are more like synthetic testosterone, while Clomid is more like synthetic estrogen. That makes complete polar different, which is the main reason why Clomid works very well during PCT.

SARMs pct


Nolvadex is another PCT supplement that works so well to prevent the transformation of testosterone into estrogen, therefore preventing Gyno and other estrogenic side effects of the same kind. Other benefits of using Nolvadex include:

  • It helps to restore hormone levels
  • Much easier to administer
  • It helps you to abstain from other steroid-related side effects.
  • Stress reduction

Although Clomid is considered to be more effective for the general side effects associated with SARMs and steroid use, when it comes to gyno prevention, Nolvadex is ideal.

Testolone Rad 140 review: Benefits, Dosage, Results You Can Expect

Rad 140 effects

Testolone, also called RAD 140, is a selective androgen modulator (SERM) that falls under the category of artificial drugs composed over the last 20th century. However, due to therapeutic advancements, most of these remedies have been replicated for business. Being an investigational supplement, Testolone has various medical applications such as treatment of muscle wasting conditions (Cachexia) and premature aging (Sarcopenia).

Other than this, RAD 140 is being examined for its therapeutic applications in replacements of exogenous testosterone in people suffering from hypogonadism. Unlike anabolic steroids, this sarm is specialized in targeting and selecting specific androgen receptors in bone tissues and muscle only. In fact, it is characterized by its ability to reduce an extended prostrate with as high efficacy as other remedies such as Finasteride.

It borrows its name from testosterone, which means it imitates the actions of testosterone. It helps you to maintain your muscle mass, even if you are in a catabolic condition, and it’ll uphold to strip your unwanted fat away. It can also restrain cortisol levels or stress hormones.

Testolone results you can expect

Unless you don’t bother to work out, or you’re probably taking an atrocious diet, you’ll definitely achieve great results at the end. Even a basic routine and a proper diet will help you have some packed on lean muscle, and build your bulk incredibly.

The very first result after using RAD 140 is that you’ll experience some changes within a short period, say 3-4 weeks. The change will mostly involve a significant increase in strength and endurance capabilities. You’ll be able to perform tough workouts, and you’ll be willing to do so.

You’ll feel great and confident as you can now pump for longer without getting exhausted. That’s when you’ll realize that the results are superior to what you can do naturally. The muscle mass will bulk up rapidly.

What Are Testolone Rad 140 Benefits?

The best thing about RAD 140 is that it’s capable of both bulking and cutting. That is quite handy for the entire fitness since you won’t have to go switching between products. In fact, it is capable of suppressing androgenic adverse effects, meaning you can confidently fix it into your routine without fretting about prostate problems.

Although it is much active when you stack, Testolone RAD 140 can offer you the following benefits on its own:

Increased strength

As we stated earlier, RAD 140 is well-known for its exceptional focus towards strength. Within a couple of weeks doing your cycle, you’ll start to notice some improvements in your lifts, and they’ll become much easier to do. Furthermore, you’ll begin to survive longer and perform more intensely during workouts.

Lean Muscle gains

Muscle gains using RAD 140 is not much pronounced in comparison to other sarms. However, it also works quite well, and it’s capable of giving you some decent hardening effects for great pumps. Testolone is more like a finisher compound, particularly used to counteract steroids that cause fluid retention problems.

Decreases androgenic side effects.

RAD 140 is a non-hormonal compound, meaning it does not convert into estrogen or DHT, which raises androgenic side effects. Also, it does not cause aromatization. This keeps your body safe from prostate problems that occur due to swelling prostate gland.

Fat loss

Testolone is not the best sarm for fat loss. But by enhancing protein synthesis and utilizing the existing fat loss in your body, it’ll eventually boost your metabolism necessary for burning fat. As you work out more aggressively to bulk up more muscle mass, your body will use its reserved fat to sustain the energy demanded. Therefore reducing the unwanted fat.

Brain protection

Initially, RAD 140 was created to be used for therapeutic purposes, and as a preventative remedy against Alzheimer. It helps in boosting your brain cell growth as well as protecting them from amyloid-beta proteins.

Testolone RAd 140 review

Rad 140 Dosage

Generally, sarms are safe, particularly when used at the recommended dose. The rule is, the higher your dose, the higher the possibility for side effects.

Over the past years of hard workouts and commitments, bodybuilders have revealed that the right R-140 dose, especially for beginners, is the 10 mg a day. That what you should certainly stick to, and if you are to stack it, you should stick to a maximum of 10 mg RAD 140 dosage.

But, if you are using it on its own, you can dose as much as 20 mg, or sometimes 30 mg. However, as evidenced by people who push more than 30 mg, there’re no significant incremental results that’s worth risking that much.

That said, the best cycle for Testolone RAD 140 should comprise of 10-20 mg per day, over an 8-10 week cycle. Testolone can be a bit suppressive, meaning it can reduce natural testosterone levels. It has an estimated suppression of up to 40% when done at higher doses.

Post Cycle Therapy for Testolone Rad 140

The fact that Testosterone RAD 140 is suppressive implies that you’ll need a PCT supplement during the cycle. You can ideally consider an eight-week gap between you cycles, to make an even amount of time to that of RAD140 cycle length.

Testolone Rad 140 vs. ligandrol

These two sarms, RAD 140 and the LGD-4033, are quite versatile and they don’t encourage estrogen production. They are not associated with adverse side-effects, except for restraining natural hormone production.

This is the main reason why most of the fitness enthusiasts who use RAD 140 vs. LGD -4033 often follow it up using an intensive cycle of Post Cycle Therapy.

While there’re some identical traits in both supplements, deciding on which one is better than the other will vary depending on your own specific goals. If what you want is to bulk up, you are recommended to use LGD-4033 although you can have them both for quicker results. If you want a sarm that is meant explicitly for strength, then the best choice would RAD 140.

That said, it easy to see that both sarms work wonderfully for specific goals, although RAD 140 seems to shine in most of them.

Testolone Rad 140 stacking

For strength purposes, you might think about being content with Testolone RAD 140 on its own considering how potent it is. However, most users prefer to stack it with other sarms like LGD-4033, due to RAD 140 concentrating too much on strength than muscle building.

The combination of these two sarms can be something incredible, especially, for bodybuilders who want to bulk up quickly. But if you are to stack, you need to be extremely careful with the cycle. You should never use more than 10 mg RAD 140 dose a day, and the cycle should never take more than ten weeks.

The excessive dosage suppresses the production of natural testosterone. If you’re a beginner, this type of stack is not recommended for you because it’ll expose you to the risk of skeletal and muscular side effects.

Where to buy RAD 140

There are many places where you can find Testolone RAD 140, but for trust and quality, I suggest you buy it from the following dealers.

Umbrella Labs

They offer free delivery services to locals, and the price is perfect. At Umbrella Labs, a 30 ml bottle of RAD 140 will cost you $69.99


Currently, they are only charging $69.95 for a pack of RAD 140. They offer free shipping for all orders above $150. Serms4you are among the few dealers who actually ship worldwide.

Proven Peptides

This is another incredibly reliable dealer, where you can find all types of sarms. At peptides, they charge $59.99 for a 30 ml bottle of RAD 140, with a10mg/ml density, but you’ll get free delivery on orders above $75.

LGD 4033 Ligandrol Review: Benefits,Dosage, Results

Each time you hear or come across the word steroids while reading some passage, what type of thoughts cross your mind? Most assuredly, you think of someone with an entirely muscular body. Though apparent, you hardly think about the side effects. Regardless of which side you belong, we shall have a Ligandrol reviewThe drug also goes by the name LGD-4033. Shortly, we shall examine Ligandrol’s creation, its use, benefits, dosage, and expectations.

What is LGD-4033 Ligandrol

Ligandrol is an enhancement drug (SARM) whose development did not target bodybuilders. In the 2000s, Ligand Pharmaceuticals were seeking to develop a drug that would treat people suffering from metabolic diseases. The first phase of clinical trials took place in 2009. Much later, Ligand sold the license to Viking Pharmaceuticals. The present owners of the drug have, since then, been developing LGD-4033.

Ligandrol, whose other name is Anabolicum, performs just like steroids. Bodybuilders love it as part of their muscle-cutting and bulking initiatives. Many consider the drug as the strongest of all SARMs. Ligandrol enhances muscle development. Despite their effectiveness in building muscle, steroids leave a wake of scary side effects. LGD-4033, being a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, narrows down the potential side effects to tissues. The rest of the body remains unexposed.


Following intense trials by Viking Pharmaceuticals, the users who took part reported positive Ligandrol results. There was an improvement in the density of minerals in their bones. Following the achievement, experts had broken new ground in finding treatment for osteoporosis. Individuals who used Ligandrol reported having strengthened muscles. They also did not experience variations in lean body mass.

As a regular fitness enthusiast, getting rid of fat is your primary area of concern. As the body dissipates fat, you badly want to have a lean muscle mass. LGD-4033 will give you gains such as:

  • Increase in muscle mass: A dose of 1mg per day will result in a muscle gain of 3lbs.
  • Strength: The more muscle you have, the more the power. Each week of your Ligandrol cycle will see you add some weight.
  • Vascularity: As you progress with your fitness program, LGD-4033 will cause veins to pop up on your arms and other areas. Such a look gives one a proud feeling of a successful bodybuilder.
  • Safe drug: Clinical studies conducted show that Ligandrol had no adverse effects at lower doses. Test subjects showed a high level of tolerance at up to 22mg per day. You have no reason to worry about having this SARM in your training buffet.

Note, however, that as you shoot for the above benefits, you should not take dosages beyond 20mg.

Ligandrol LGD 4033 review

LGD 4033 Ligandrol Dosage

Users who have experimented with Ligandrol report that lean muscle building and strength comes at between 5-10mg/day. Nonetheless, some clinical results show that some bodybuilders achieved similar benefits at 1mg/day.

There are two Ligandrol dosage options, and you are free to choose either of them.

  • Option 1 – take 5mg of Ligandrol per day for six weeks
  • Option 2 – take 10mg per day for eight weeks

For the best results, start by keeping your dosage low. As you go along, you can gradually build-up to any of the above options. Some users have gone to the extent of 20-30mg, but this is way too extreme. Lower dosages will still be useful, plus you remain at safe drug levels.

LGD-4033 cycle is another critical thing to bear in mind. Past user experiences reveal that most opted for between six to eight weeks. Of course, some users went for longer than eight weeks, but you are at liberty to decide.

Ligandrol has a half-life of between 24 to 36 hours. A daily dose is enough, and you can take the drug once a day. Mornings are usually the best when your body is still fresh from a restful night. Our advice is to stick with 5-10mg/day for 6-8 weeks.

Ligandrol results you can expect

Ligandrol results will vary depending on numerous factors. Your diet regime, coupled with training frequency is essential among these. Professional bodybuilders recommend that you go on a high-protein diet. Moreover, you must do heavy lifting at least for four days per week.

With such discipline, results will start trickling in. Lean muscle mass will increase to roughly 5-10lbs. Besides, you will notice that you look much fuller than when you started. A gain in strength is another expected outcome.

LGD 4033 starts working at around the second and third week. You begin to realize that your lifts are going up. Besides, you feel great during the entire time. Moreover, by the time the cycle ends, you do not suffer from suppression since there is no substantial impact on your hormone levels.

LGD 4033 dosage

LGD 4033 Effects

With all the positive things said about Ligandrol, does it imply that there are no known adverse Ligandrol effectsOf course, there are, but you have ways of mitigation. To start with, always buy this SARM from legitimate sellers. While your local pharmacist does not stock it (you know why), that does not mean you cannot get genuine LGD-4033.

Reported side effects include:

  • Fatigue
  • Water retention
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Bloating

However, some of these result from other factors. Besides, we all have different bodies. You may not experience these, and if they kick-in, it will not be for long.

Our take

As we approach the end of this Ligandrol reviewthere are several things we must emphasize. First, purchase LGD-4033 from a trusted seller. As most will be online pharmacies, make sure you check them out thoroughly. Second, observe your dosage. We have seen that 5-10mg of Ligandrol taken daily for six to eight weeks has excellent results. Refrain from exceeding this dose and cycle.

Even though we did not mention it, do not stack this SARM with others. Doing so only exposes you to hormonal suppression. Nonetheless, our Ligandrol review is for informational purposes. If you would like to experiment with lower or higher doses, we pose no restrictions.


What Are The Best SARMs Stacks For Bulking, Cutting And Strength

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (Sarms) are usually stacked together meaning you’re supposed to use two or more compounds during a SARMs cycle. They’re always stacked together to enable you to get the best results. You can achieve good results when you combine a workout program with a good diet.

Everybody has a specific goal they would like to achieve. Whether you want to gain more lean muscle, lose body fat or gain as much strength as possible, we’ll look at the best SARMs stack to help you achieve your goal. We’ll also highlight some of the most popular SARMs stacks for bulking, cutting and getting stronger.

Most Popular Sarms for Bodybuilding on the Market

Someone just can’t recommend to you the most popular SARMs for bodybuilding then take it to pack on muscle. This is because some people respond to certain Sarms differently. You need to keep experimenting until you find SARMs that work well for you.

However, you need to know the goal of each type in order to consider stacking since some are better at bulking or cutting fat while others can perform both goals. In this SARMs review, we’ll inform you about the main types for packing on lean muscle. They include:

Ostarine MK-2866

Let’s start with the most widely used and best-known SARM out there. Ostarine is a great starting point as it is cheap, mild and easily available. Its strength lies in preserving muscle mass even when you’re experiencing a calorie deficit.

This makes it ideal for using in stacks and cutting fat since it can preserve muscle while targeting androgen receptors that send a message to the body to lose fat. One will need to use a PCT supplement between the SARM cycle because Ostarine suppresses testosterone production, especially when used in higher doses or longer cycles. You can read my Ostarine review here.

The dosage range for this SARM is usually between 10 mg and 25 mg.

Ligandrol LGD-4033

Ligandrol is similar to Ostarine when it comes to how it functions. You can lose some weight using it because it’s great for cutting fat. You’ll also bulk upon it which makes it great for both.

Doses are low around 10 mg as it is 12 times more powerful compared to Ostarine because it’s one of the modern SARMs. Due to this, it is very suppressive, especially when using a longer SARMs cycle and higher doses. Therefore, you’ll need to be very careful with recovery.

It is suppressive in the body to the HPTA system which consists of the gonadal glands, pituitary glands, and hypothalamus.  These are very important in our bodies especially to the immune and reproductive systems, so you need to protect them.

You’ll have to use a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) between cycles if you intend to use LGD-4033.

Testolone RAD -140

RAD-140 has fewer data to work with and real-world feedback because it is one of the modern SARMs in the market. However, it’s great for bulking up and has a strong muscle-building effect.

You’ll need to use a PCT supplement as it inhibits testosterone. Low doses are crucial since it has more anabolic characteristics than testosterone.  In terms of dosage, Testolone is among the best SARMs for bodybuilding. You should be looking at around 4 mg-12 mg as a dosage range.

People like to dose twice every day due to its shorter half-life compared to other SARMs. But it’s not recommended during your first few cycles. Cycles that use Testolone tend to be shorter, usually 6 weeks maximum but often 4 because of its strength.

Nutrobal MK-677

MK-677 is also referred to as lbutamoren and works slightly different. It raises significantly IGF-1 levels which are the growth hormone receptor. It also mimics how the body distributes energy and the action for the hormone responsible for regulating appetite.

This means your appetite and energy levels will increase making it a negative and positive side-effect. It’s perfect for stacking and bulking up alongside a cutting SARM as it can boost bone density and muscle. Recommended dosages range between 10 mg and 25 mg daily.

Best SARMs

The Top 3 Best SARMs Stack

You may be wondering which SARMs are appropriate to stack together so as to achieve the best results. But you should identify first what your goals are because different stacks can be used to achieve different goals. For instance, it’s more beneficial to use LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) or RAD-140 (Testolone) during a bulk rather than during a cut. We’ll look at the best SARMs stack for:

  • Bulking
  • Cutting
  • Getting Stronger

Best SARM Stack for Bulking

It’s not easy to gain a lot of lean muscle within a short period of time. As you may already know, Ligandrol is one of the major SARMs used to gain strength and lean muscle mass. LGD-4033 is a mild compound that can pack on muscle very fast when combined with a good diet.

Another SARM that’s best known for lean muscle gains and insane strength is RAD-10 or Testolone. RAD-10 is a compound that doesn’t have the androgenic effects but which is as strong as testosterone. This makes it the ideal compound to stack with while bulking.

YK-11 is another SARM that’s worth mentioning as it is among the strongest SARMs and a total game-changer because it’s stronger than Testolone. You can expect good results when you put YK-11 into a SARMs. You can also attain your goals quicker than you were expecting when you combine LGD-4033 with RAD-140. The great news is that none of these compounds have bad side effects.

MK-677 which is a growth hormone secretagogue will be a great addition to Testolone and Ligandrol. MK-677 helps in building muscle and improving skin texture as well as sleep.

Best SARMs Stack for Cutting

Let’s talk first about how to maintain muscle mass while losing body fat. Probably you want to get shredded and lean. However, it’s important to maintain as much muscle mass as possible regardless of whether you decide to take your cut slowly or opt for a very high deficit within a short period of time.

If you want to achieve this, the ideal SARMs stack to combine would be Cardarine (GW-501516), Andarine (S4) and Ostarine (MK-2866). This combination is very popular among  SARMs cutting stack users.

Ostarine helps in preserving your muscle mass when your main goal is to protect your gains or when you’re about to go into a deficit cut that’s heavy. It is also important to mention that Ostarine is very mild when compared to other SARMs. A majority of users recommend using it when cutting as it is perfect for a calorie deficit.

Andarine is another great SARM to use during a cut. It can help you gain muscle mass when in a deficit and also give you some extra energy boost you may need during a cut. Andarine also increases striations and vascularity significantly.

You can opt to run Cardarine with this stack if you’re looking for something to add to Andarine and Ostarine. Cardarine is known for boosting physical performance, something you may benefit from during a heavy cut. Cardarine also improves endurance significantly.

Thus, if you’re looking for the perfect SARMs for cutting, consider these three SARMs: Andarine, Cardarine, and Ostarine.

Best SARMs Stack For Strength

Finding the perfect SARMs for bodybuilding is very subjective because all SARMs increase energy levels, build muscle or preserve it. However, combining YK-11 and LGD-4033 makes for a perfect bulking stack and also a better stack for those users whose primary goal is to gain strength.

Adding Nutrobal (MK 677) will also help with recovery since the increase of HGH helps tendons and joints recover quickly from the high-intensity training. The dosage range for beginners taking LGD-4033 is between 10 mg and 20 mg while for YK-11 is 10 mg for the entire 6 weeks.

The dosage range for advanced users taking LGD-4033 is between 10 mg and 20 mg and lasts for 8 weeks, YK-11 is 10 mg and 10 mg which also lasts for 8 weeks while MK 677 is 12.5 mg during the first week and 25 mg for the remaining 7 weeks.

Conclusion Of My SARMs Stacking Guide

It’s not advisable to start using SARMs for bodybuilding right away. You should begin by eating a good diet by ensuring your protein intake is high to preserve your muscle mass and to maintain your blood sugar level. Eat your carbohydrates before and after working out. You should also eat vegetables and drink enough water. Having a consistent training regime is also important.

You can start experimenting with SARMs once your body starts to plateau. However, if losing fat is your goal, you can begin earlier. So, you can look at stacking a number of SARMs to lose fat to get going. But avoid bulking up until when your muscles are stronger because you can hurt yourself.

Now you know about the best SARM stack for bulking, cutting and getting stronger to help you achieve good results but also make the best choice when purchasing SARMs.

MK-677 Ostarine review

MK-677 has several names, and these could confuse some people, but they all refer to the same compound. Other names are Nutrobal, Mesylate or Ibutamoren. When you go sourcing for MK-677 for sale, information posted in some online retailer websites will say that it is a SARM. However, that is not the case. Nutrobal is a growth hormone. It stimulates the production of growth hormones and growth factor.

MK-677 reviews of significant concern to weightlifters and bodybuilders alike.

What is SARM MK-677

MK-677 or Ibutamoren, is not, in the real sense, a SARM but a GHS (Growth Hormone Secretagogue). Do not let this term secretagogue intimidate you. It refers to any substance that promotes secretion or release of hormones. One of these, the Growth Hormone or GH, is released by somatotrophs, which are cells located in the pituitary gland. GH controls metabolism, growth, and other related processes.

Growth, no matter how small, requires hormonal coordination. In this regard, the growth hormone stimulates the liver to release IGF-I (Insulin-Like Growth Factor). As a result of this process, bone growth takes place. IGF-I also plays a significant role in the growth of muscles. The whole thing may sound complicated; never mind. What is important to note is that MK-677 is the main contributor. Also, the drug does not get into the way of other processes in the body.


As is the case with all the other SARMs, MK 677 can at times be considered a SARM. Muscle growth is our key concern. Since MK-677 increases the levels of growth hormones released, you can be confident of increasing in size and muscle mass. Besides, there is scientific evidence to prove it. Ibutamoren gives you full and hard muscles.

Bodybuilders that use MK-677 state that it promotes sleep patterns. You enjoy quality sleep during the experimentation cycle. Rest is an essential aspect of tissue growth and recovery. You can trust Ibutamoren to help fix any sleep problems you might have had in the past. To emphasize this benefit, take your dose at least an hour before bedtime. Come the next day, and you will be amazed at the level of alertness, focus, and concentration.

Growth hormone (GH) interacts well with your skin resulting in healthy skin nails and hair – some good news, especially to female weightlifters. An accelerated loss of fat is another benefit that users of this product have mentioned. However, there is no scientific evidence, just anecdotal experience.

Alongside the benefits, there are also side effects. Fortunately, they should not be a matter of grave concern. All it takes to get rid of them is for you to keep doses at the recommended levels. At times you might feel tired after having slept so well the previous day. Also, you could get muscle cramps. You need not worry, though, as these reactions are individualistic.

Ostarine dosage

MK-677 Dosage

Every fitness enthusiast is always eager to learn about the recommended dosages for enhancement drugs. The fact that you should lengthen your dosage is an aspect worthy of mention in this MK-677 review. Research shows that experienced users prefer an optimal dosage of between 20-30mg per day. Growth hormones take time to build up to the required levels. Therefore, after you get into the MK 677 cycle, it could be weeks before you start noticing any change.

For starters, take a 10mg capsule before you commence workouts and another tablet before retiring for bed. To experience results faster, you can scale up to three capsules, in the morning, during pre-workout and before bed. Depending on your goals, if you are on a muscle-building program, you take 30 mg a day. For fat loss, a lower dose of 20mg would suffice. When you have sustained injuries at the gym and are seeking faster recovery, 10-20mg per day is sufficient.

Ostarine Results you can expect

Ibutamoren has some highly impressive results. Apart from having an impact on muscle growth, the compound helps you burn fat, improve your skin health, and promotes hair growth. Credit goes to the chemical compounds that trigger the body to release growth hormones. Optimal results will only come when you take MK-677 for weeks or even months.

On the other hand, Nutrobal gives you such an appetite. You may find yourself eating a little bit more than the ordinary. The hunger can work both to your advantage or vice versa. Despite sounding like a negative effect, having an appetite, that makes you crave for food, is one of the results you should expect.

Perhaps on the best results is in the immunity the product gives a user. Where you were hitherto prone to allergies, flu, and other disorders, MK-677 boosts immunity from them. You may not notice until the moment you realize that it has been long since you last had, say, flu for example.

Buying MK-677 Ostarine

Since there is little or no regulation for SARMs, you may end up buying poor quality or fake MK-677. The best place to buy MK-677 is from legit vendors. To find them, check whether the vendor you have chosen has reviews (positive ones) on their website. Also, scrutinize for third-party documents. Credible sellers send their products to laboratories of repute for analysis. Insist on being shown the reports.

Again, a sketchy and disorganized website should ring an alarm bell in your mind. A vendor worth their reputation must invest in a professionally-looking website. It must be well organized, just like a real shop. The site should have sufficient information about the products on sale. On the other hand, check the payment options available.

The absence of other alternative products to boost production of the Human Growth hormone (HGH) makes it very costly. Ibutamoren (MK-677) is cheaper than the actual hormone. Besides, it increases the levels of growth hormones in tissue and that is the kind of help you need. From this MK-677 review, you now know the drug’s capabilities, its benefits as well as the expected results. We have also shared some tips on how to go about vetting online vendors to avoid getting scammed.